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Will you be a hero to the world around you, or will your fate drive you to a darker path. 

Go in alone, or with a friend or two and a Referee. Dive into any dungeon you create, build your own spells, and customize your weapons to fit your aesthetic, all within this 4 page ultra-rules lite zine. 

This Game Includes:

  • an 8 page PDF with 4 pages of rules and a character sheet
  • d6 ONLY roll/vs system developed specifically for fast at the table game play
  • generic fantasy terminology that can be easily tossed into any dungeon or setting
  • generic spell/weapon types that allow players to customize their character however they want
  • make a character in 30 seconds with our ultra lite 3 stat character creation process.
  • Enemy tables for creating fast enemies on the fly.
  • A unique Fate system called Wyrd, that determines your characters morality after every level up.

Written by Kirby Franklin

Art Public Domain

Layout by Kristen Denner

Edited by Ben L.

Huge thank you to Thom, Gabe, Rogue, and Daniela for Playtesting the game and giving me your feedback.

And massive thank you to our patrons: Matt, Lore, Mitchell, and Jordan!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

WYRD spreads 9 MB
WYRD singles 10 MB
WYRD booklet layout 2 MB
WYRD plaintext 93 kB
Character Sheet 302 kB

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Just to clarify one bit, if you do maximum damage you get to roll an additional “higher die” - is there anything higher than 3D3 for an Ultra weapon or do you reckon 9 damage is enough?!

ha yeah for that ultra weapon 3d3 is indeed the highest :)


Great, just checking! So I reckon though you could feasibly do more damage with a  Heavy hit (up to 15!), Ultra weapons have the benefit of having a more consistent damage of 3-9. Makes sense!


Would the 'WYRD singles' have a single-page of the character sheet? Or two character-sheets to the page? Seems odd there's not separate character sheet document. I bought my hard copy from Exalted Funeral and got the PDF, but no separate character sheet. 

yeah the singles download file has a single page for the character sheet. I hadn’t considered just making that page it’s own upload to be honest! I can take care of that tomorrow!

FYI I've uploaded a single file of the character sheet. If you wanna take a community copy of the PDF or I can email it to you :)

Please email me a copy at hwannen@protonmail.com.