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Evergreen Wilds: Physical brochures available at Exalted FuneralLife can be hectic, chaotic, and busy. Every now and again we just need a little break from the norm. Evergreen Wilds has a prime opportunity for you! Take a season away from your home life and spend it as a ranger here in our national park! We'll put you through a few weeks of training before dropping you off for an 8 week rotation. As you respond to calls from Ranger HQ to investigate and document incidents, you'll be keeping hikers and campers safe, and maintaining the security and beauty of the Wilds. 

What is Evergreen Wilds? Evergreen Wilds is a solo roleplaying game that allows a player to live and explore a season as a park ranger in a national park. Evergreen Wilds uses a simple journaling system, with keyword, and weather prompts, and map locations to create unique encounters throughout each week the player is stationed. 

  Evergreen Wilds Features:

  • A concise stylized brochure with all rules, and information needed to play within.
  • A full park map, with locations, keywords, and weather prompts.

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Team Members 

Kirby Franklin - Design and Development, Map

Kristen Denner - Artwork, and Layout

Jarrett Crader - Editing

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Here's a park I made for this game a while back - ON MARS: https://meatcastlegameware.itch.io/iani-chaos-martial-i


Evergreen wilds is the first ever solo TTRPG I have played and it is where I found my love for the format. You really get as much as you put into it and the game gives you just enough frame work for you to really delve into the possibilities of what can happen while you are on the job as a park ranger. The woods are a fascinating place and you never know what you might find. Or what might find you!

In all seriousness, this is an incredible game and I would recommend it to anyone who needs to stretch their writing muscles!

Oh my goodness thank you so much for this comment! This means the world!


Keep up the amazing work!! Thank you for creating such a cool game!!


I adore this game. Would love to see more parks made! 

I reviewed this game on my (french) blog : https://www.gulix.fr/blog/2022/05/07/lectures-de-role-25/

I really liked it. The layout is great, and helps with the transmission of information, the immersion. The system is simple, with a few keywords leading to prompts.

Evergreen Wilds is a stylish solo RPG that fits on a brochure! This game allows you to live and explore a season as a park ranger in a national park. It also includes a very cool map of said park!


thank you so much for the kind words!! 


A fun solo game, I enjoyed the prompts a lot and the ability to make the game as strange or mundane as I liked.

I made a short video review as well:

thanks so much for sharing the review Phillipa! I appreciate you!

Thank you for the report on the game, and your voice is heaven btw 


Hey, first off - I love this!

Ssecond, what is your desired guidance around someone looking to make a park for this? I'd love to put together a park and put it up here on Itch but always wanna respect the creators desired crediting/licensing. 

Third, the Discord link appears to be expired. 



hey! I am actually working on that idea right now. I’m considering running a game jam for anyone who is interested in doing so and will likely have some guidance in that way. 

Also I’m not sure why but the discord links don’t seem to work on itch but if you copy and paste them into your browser it should work. Or you can check my carrd link. 

Oh awesome (to both)! Thanks!

I’m interested in this as well. I’m currently camping and hacking the game for the campground I’m at now.

you’re in luck!


I downloaded the game. What kind of dice do I need and cards? Thank you.

Hi! You'll need a coin, a d20, 2d6 (d66) and a deck of cards!

(1 edit)

Thank you.How do you receive keywords and weather prompts from playing cards? How does 2d plus 1 determine number of radio calls?


hey so the suits will determine your weather as shown on the brochure and the number of the card+the d66 roll will give you the keywords. D2+1 is just flipping a coin to determine 1 or 2 +1 to find the amount of calls you get per week (2 or 3)

The discord link doesn't seem to be working.